Thursday, February 9, 2012

Day 3

#1 - I am VERY thankful for my fourth born, Bryson Charles.  He is brand new to this world and I am starting to enjoy each day with him.  He came into the world crying nonstop for two hours and spent the first month of his life letting us know he didn't think the outside world was so great...but he has really come into his own during the last month.  He's been smiling and when he does that he is so cute I could really just eat him up with a spoon.  I can't even handle the cuteness, it's way too much.  He's turned into this easy going baby and I'm still kind of shocked over it (but very happy!).  He's been a great sleeper too and the last two nights he has slept ten hours straight (from 8:30-6:30).  It's amazing.  Even when he doesn't do that though, he eats once in the middle of the night and goes back down so easily until morning.  I am very lucky when it comes to that.

Bryson is my last baby and I am trying to soak up every moment.  He is growing way too fast of course and is not even feeling like a newborn anymore.  He is nearly 16 pounds at two months old and fits snugly in 3-6 month clothes.  I want him to just stay little for a little longer!  He is determined to grow though, probably trying to keep up with his big siblings.  Jameson is a tank himself so I'm sure Bryson feels he's gotta catch up to his big brother as fast as he can ;).

Bryson is the perfect fit to our family.  The kids, especially the girls, are crazy about him.  The are great helpers and Bryson just adores their attention.  He's a very lucky baby with all the love for him in this house.  I feel that this little person completed our family and I'm so thankful for him.

#2 - Target (I started a theme of having one BIG thing to be thankful for and one smaller/silly thing that makes me happy).  So today it's Target that makes me happy.  Boy I love that store!  I could spend hours just browsing the aisles slowly.  They have everything you could ever want and then some...especially when it's Super Target and they carry groceries too!  There is a Target just five minutes from my house and I'm there a few times a week.  We use Target brand formula, diapers, bottle liners and our newest favorite find...Target brand salsa.  It is amazing.  Whenever I go I stock up and grab a few jars to keep in our fridge.  The kids love going to Target because usually Mommy can be convinced to get them icees at the end of the trip.  Oh and one of the best things about Target?  I have a Target debit card (which means I just use this special card that is hooked up to MY bank account and the money comes right out of there) and I automatically save 5% every time!  Yeah, it doesn't seem like a lot, but when you are there all the time like I am it really adds up.  I've saved hundreds of dollars from grocery shopping, Christmas shopping, clothes shopping, etc.

So.  Clearly Target makes me happy.  We went there today, which isn't as much fun when I have three kids to drag along with me.  I don't get to browse the clearance items or try to find deals.  But I did manage to go to the workout clothes section and grab a few things for myself.  I'm at the gym every day so Lord knows those will get good use!  And how great is it that after I grabbed those clothes I could go get formula, ziplock bags, a battery charger and a gallon of milk.  I mean, what other (classy) store can you do that in?!  I love my some Target and it makes me happy.

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